Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Walking with Dinosaurs": DVD release and DINO DAY!

Note: As part of this release, I will be giving away the "Walking with Dinosaurs" DVD to one lucky reader! Please fill out the form below if you are interested in participating in this drawing! Entry form will be open until Tuesday April 1st at 12pm

Even though dinosaurs disappeared over 65 million years ago, they continue to be fascinating to many (including myself); it's interesting to read about the many theories of why dinosaurs went extinct, or how they interacted and the many species that existed...
On March 25th, the movie "Walking with Dinosaurs" was released on DVD and since we didn't get a chance to watch it in theaters, it seemed like a good idea to see at home during one of our family movie nights!
The movie was great; it revolves around "Patchy", a dinosaur that is searching for his big moment; he grows up next to his older brother who always tries to overshadow his accomplishments.  "Patchy" is a friendly guy who has a clear understanding of the true meaning of family and friendship. The movie's animation is pretty awesome and the dinosaurs looked very realistic; the sceneries were also very beautiful and the story was extremely compelling.  If your kid is into dinosaurs, I strongly recommend this movie; it's such a great family film!

As part of the DVD release promotion, we had a "DINO DAY" at home; the girls got to draw dinosaurs, play dino games and learn a bit more about the many species and dinosaur families.. it was quite the day! Here are a few pictures....

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