Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"The Flying Chair" by Olivia

Olivia has developed an interest in writing (**proud mom here!**). She keeps a writing journal and writes the coolest little stories that can come out of a 6 year old's mind.  This is her latest creation, which I wanted to share since I thought it was so cute and funny! (I just copied what she wrote!)

"The Flying Chair"
By Olivia Perez

If a chair started to fly in the library I would try to catch it and run around the library. It made lots of loud noises. It made the noises: clomp! clomp! boom! plash! smash! The library got so messy and it was a disaster!
The books were on the floor. The money was falling out of the counter. The librarian said..."Oh no! What a mess my library is! Oh no! and a flying chair is in my library." It flew on top of her head and under her legs.  She said "the school will be so mad at this chair! what a silly chair".
They turned off the lights. The chair fell back down on my head. Kazam! Slam! I went home with a bump on my head.
The end.


Amoruccio said...

I love it! Permiso para respostearlo en mi blog, please = )

Stories of a Happy Mom said...

Claro que si Mari!
Me imaginé que lo disfrutarías!
Besos! :)

Unknown said...

Wow! Love it! She is so smart! Is amazing how she was able to build so much context! Continue to encourage her. I see something promising there :-)