Saturday, June 14, 2014

"Personal Creations"

I rarely endorse or review businesses and I clearly don't get PAID for writing anything on my blog, but I had such a great experience with "Personal" that I have decided to give them credit where it's due....

It all started with a FB sponsored link with the cutest personalized Father's Day gifts; I saw this cute little coffee mug that I thought would be perfect for Iggy.  I went straight to their website ( and started designing the mug; the website experience was great, very easy to navigate and a preview of the item was available to view.  I really enjoyed creating the item and couldn't wait to receive it.

I got email notifications with the progress and tracked my order until it was delivered; the problem was I never received the order even though the email claimed that it had been delivered.  I immediately called their customer service number and spoke to a nice lady named "Jo"; she was incredibly friendly and understanding of my frustration.  I explained to her that the item was missing and that I was extremely upset that my husband might potentially be missing out on getting a special gift this coming Sunday.  It took about 2 minutes and zero arguing for this nice lady to reorder the item for me and send it via express shipping (which means the item would arrive BEFORE Father's Day!).  I have now received the item, which is perfect by the way, and the day has been saved!

Ironically enough, the first mug that was shipped did turn up at my neighbor's house and now I have TWO personalized mugs instead of 1... oops!

I am very happy with the quality of the mug; it is exactly as it was described on the website (or even better!) and it was nicely packaged. I will say that even though the prices and delivery costs are NOT the cheapest ones you will find, I feel like the purchase was totally worth it and I am sure I will be buying from them in the near future.

Thank you "Personal Creations" for this amazing shopping experience. I wish there were more businesses like you.  You just gained a loyal customer!

Happy Shopping! :)

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tamara said...

I've ordered from them as well. They've got some great things!