Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Break: Week 2

Another week down, 8 more to go.. 
Our 2nd week of summer break was fun and even though the kids didn't attend any camp last week, they sure had tons of other activities and fun events. 
Gaby got to hang out with her good friend Sofia during one of our many play dates.. these two are so cute together.. I love seeing their genuine bond...

She had a blast playing dress up and pretended to be a cowgirl half the time... it is pretty funny to see...

On Friday we made a quick trip to Naples to celebrate a friend's birthday and we turned the occasion into a family getaway.. I snapped this picture of Olivia and her daddy, which is now one of my favorites.. I love these two so much!

On the weekend, the girls attended a couple of birthday parties.  At Isabella's 7th birthday party, the girls got to play "spa day" and enjoyed getting fancy hair dos, manicures and yogurt facials.  Of course they thought their braids were the coolest thing on earth and even today (3 days later), Gaby is STILL wearing her braids.. God help me!

Here are a couple of pics from the party... cute girls all over!

We also attended Sammy's 2nd birthday and the girls enjoyed some pool time along with some other outdoor activities.  Here's Gaby with her friend Danny and some from Sammy's big day!

I have a few other topics to discuss, which I'll be doing soon.  For some reason I read a few internet articles that irritated me this week, so my opinionated self has some ideas to put down.  Stay tuned!
Happy Summer! 

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