Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Break: Week 1

The first week of summer came and went and these girls are sure enjoying their time off.
They have slept-in on a couple of occasions and seem to be taking advantage of their down time.
We registered them in an Art Camp in a nearby art studio; it is only part time but that seems to be enough for them.  They have learned to create art with paint, paper, ceramic and a few other craft materials.  Olivia especially enjoyed showing off some of her creations at the end of the week and the experience was good for Gaby as far as discipline goes.  
Here are some pictures. 

Mommy and daddy also had some fun this week as we attended a 70's disco themed party for some friends.  We had a blast dressing up and recreating some of the styles of that era.. it sure was fun!

This is a picture in honor of Father's Day; we couldn't ask for a better man to lead our family and the kids are really blessed to have Iggy as their daddy! :) Happy Father's Day, my love!

And of course, the World Cup also started this week so everything has been extra exciting. We are rooting for Argentina since it's my dad's birth place and of course the US, which is the country we are blessed to call our own!  Yay soccer!  Here we are wearing an Argentina team jacket; I love that Olivia is really into it! :)

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