Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reflection: "The Ephemerality of Life"

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" by John Lennon- definitely one of my favorite quotes ever.. and so true!  We are always SO busy making plans and just distracted with everything happening around us that we forget to LIVE and enjoy those moments that define us and help us create wonderful memories...
Life is so ephemeral, it literally comes and goes in the blink of an eye and it's a sad sad SAD thing. 
Today marks 3 months since my grandma died; of course to me it feels like it has been MUCH longer because the hole in my heart is so big that I struggle to get through my days sometimes.  I try to focus on the happy memories and everything that my Grandma taught me, but some days I just focus on what I didn't get to do with her and how I didn't enjoy her as much as I should have (although I saw her pretty much every day and spoke with her even more often than that!), there is just something about her sudden passing that still hurts so much and it's hard... very hard to process. 
I found these pictures recently, they capture precious family moments with my grandma and other family members; these moments were so happy that even though the pictures are very illustrative and almost transport me back to the very same second in which they were snapped, they still don't do them justice....that's how defining those moments were...and that's the fervor with which I'd like to remember them.  All the reminiscing got me sad as I started thinking that nothing is ever permanent and we just don't know what's coming... ever!

Yesterday I got news that one of my friend's brother in law was killed in a car crash; he was only 30 years old and shared a 9-month old baby with his wife of 2 years; they were a beautiful family that probably had tons of dreams and plans yet their happiness was cut short by this tragedy.  I didn't personally know him, heck I don't even know his name, but for some reason I was very shocked and felt incredibly disturbed by the news.. I can only pray for his soul and for all his loved ones, and hope that they get through this pain by thinking of all those happy moments they lived together...
  One day we are here, the next one it's not for sure and somehow we have to be OK with that; as humans we need to acknowledge that life is the most precious yet the most ephemeral experience we go through so we must love intensely without reservations and spend less time planning and justifying our actions to those who don't matter!

So I sit here, going through my pictures, trying to stop making plans and start living in the moment, soaking in every breath that God gives me and making peace with the ephemerality of life and change, which is the only constant and wave we need to always ride!

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