Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School Week: Healthy Lunch ideas

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Today's post will be dedicated to "Healthy Lunch" ideas; I will discuss some resources that are available for moms when it comes to preparing and packing children's lunch and snacks.
In my previous post I mentioned how important it is for children to have balanced and healthy diets in order for their minds and bodies to work best!
As a very busy mom of two, I often struggle to come up with creative and healthy recipes for my daughters' lunches; it is not easy task to have to come up with 5 different things every week so that they don't get tired of eating the same thing every day.  When I do come up with awesome food ideas, I often struggle to find the time to execute those ideas! I'm sure many moms feel the same... I know so many friends who spend a great deal of times coming up with weekly meals plans, shopping lists, menu selection, etc.... I can't say I'm THAT organized when it comes to meal planning so I definitely could benefit from getting a little help in that department.
I was recently contacted by a fellow Latina blogger who is the creator of MOMables, a website designed to help parents with the challenge of making fresh and healthy school lunches that their kids will love.  When I first visited the website, I really liked what I saw... I mean...what could be wrong with a site that offers not only healthy lunch ideas, but also weekly menus and pre-made shopping lists? It is truly wonderful.
MOMables offers healthy recipes and easy to make school lunches that you can easily pack for your child every day.  Their subscription model allows you to receive weekly meal plans delivered directly to your inbox; they also offer allergy friendly recipes as well as grain free.
But if you're not sure about signing up for the service, you can also enjoy tons of free benefits including sample meals plans, free recipes and weekly lunch tips.  Go check it out..I promise you will not be disappointed...

In addition to MOMables, I have also want to share some packing ideas so I will talk about EasyLunchboxes, a product that I have been fortunate to try first hand. EasyLunchboxes is an environmentally friendly product that helps make packing so much easier; they are perfectly sized boxes with 3 compartments designed so that foods "don't touch". These boxes are dishwasher friendly, organized and convenient for school lunches.  I have loved packing the kids' lunches in these neat boxes, so please visit their website and see the wonderful products they offer.

As a bonus, here's one of the amazing recipes that MOMables provided this week (packed in an EasyLunchboxes container! Please try it out! My kids absolutely loved this one! :)

Tuna Avocado Salad Cucumber Cups (yum!)


Unknown said...

Thanks!! I have been looking at those easylunch boxes for quite sometime now! I'm all about eating healthy but I find it hard to come up with ideas for everyday, and then the hectic morning with 3 kids trying to eat breakfast, get dressed, brush hair, brush well you know how that work!
Thanks for the info!!! Really enjoy reading all your blogs!!!

Darby said...

Those tuna avocado cups look like something I would like to prepare for myself, too! Aubrey is in a peanut-free classroom so finding alternatives to her favorite PB&J is proving to be difficult. I bet she would love these!