Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Break: Week 9

We are officially at the end of our summer break... one more week and it will all be OVER!
As much as I have loved every second of this summer break, I will admit that I am totally ready for the kids to go back to school and for our routine to start back up again. 
This week we will spend some time on "sleep training" since the sleep schedules have been completely off during this whole time.  I am not excited about super early wake ups, but I am definitely excited about the kids being in school so I can have some time for errands and for myself!

As we say good bye to summer, we are also finishing up the last of our summer "to do" list. 
This week, both girls got hair are their before and after pictures! :)

This little guy turned 9 years old.  I have had this cat since he was 3 weeks old; in fact he was so little when we first got him that we had to bottle feed him for a few weeks.  He's the crankiest little cat you will ever meet, but I love him all the same and he still purrs on my lap! Happy 9th birthday Panky! :)

This week I took a couple of mommy nights off and went to A Painting Fiesta with my cousin Carolina.  I painted a cute flower picture, which the girls seem to think is the most awesome masterpiece they've ever seen, so my world is made! It was definitely a fun night...

We went to the movies with some friends and watched the Ninja Turtles movie since Gaby is completely obsessed with them.  See review here

Ready to go back to school??  I think so!

We also enjoyed some pool time at Aiden and Addison's birthday party.  The weather has been INSANELY hot, so it was nice for the girls to splash in the pool and refresh themselves!

Birthday kids! 

Today we celebrated my godson's (Gabriel) first birthday. We spent a nice afternoon at the park soaking in his cuteness and enjoying time with good friends.  
Happy Birthday, Gabriel! I love being your godmother! :

And with that, we end our 9th week of summer break and get ready for our FINAL one to kick off tomorrow!  I'm sure this coming week will be "all business" and I'm ready for the challenge!

Happy Blogging! :)

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