Tuesday, November 18, 2014

9th Wedding Anniverary

Every year on November 18th I appreciate my husband a little bit more and I sit in awe as I reminisce about life and how much things have changed in the time we have been together.
Today marks 9 years since we stood in front of God along with family and friends and said "I DO!". 9 years since we started this perfectly imperfect adventure that is called marriage and even though I can't say it has always been "peachy", I can proclaim that it has been FUN, LIVELY and definitely ENRICHING.
Our love story isn't one for a romance novel; we met online, talked for a few weeks, our courtship was short (5 months!?!), there was no over-the-top proposal and our married life has been modest to say the least.  There have been times where I have questioned my sanity and even questioned my ability to be the wife I envisioned myself to be..."not everything is perfect" I say, to which he always replies "if this isn't perfect, I don't know what is!".
So today, I want to say to my husband of NINE years that I have LOVED every second next to you and that you are my rock, my north, the half of my heart that beats outside of my body and there's no other man (and definitely no other way) that I would have chosen to live this life with.
9 years is NOTHING...because not even a lifetime would be enough to enjoy your company and the ever shinning light that you bring to my life.  I thank God every day for choosing YOU for me.. for choosing US for me and for helping me find that one person who always brings out the best of me, even in the ugly days!
Happy Anniversary, my forever love.  If God is with us, who can be against us?
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I am so honored to call you my husband! :)

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