Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Super Hero" week

Last week was Olivia's "super hero" week in her class; every week they pick a student to be the special person of the week and they get to bring items and tells stories about themselves during that week. At the end of the week, parents are invited to come to the class to read a letter to their child, where they can say anything that comes to mind.  The letter is intended to tell stories to your child and also about your child to her fellow classmates.
Needless to say Olivia was VERY excited for me to come to her class; she was eager to hear what I had to say but she made a specific request...."mommy, please don't cry when you read my letter"... She doesn't understand WHY I cry when I talk about her and even though she's a fairly sensitive child, she hasn't made the connection between warm fussy feelings and tears so this was definitely a great experience for both of us.....
So..because I LOVE to talk about my children (I mean..what mother doesn't?) I am going to post a copy of the letter I wrote for Olivia just so when I print this blog to give to her, she will remember that letter I wrote to her during her "Super Hero" week in the 2nd grade!

Hello Olivia!
When you told me I had to write a letter for you and read it in your class, I got very excited because there are so many things I want to share with you and about you!
You are such a wonderful girl and I know I tell you that I LOVE YOU every day, as many times as I can..and you always tell me… “Mommy...I know!!!!”... Well… I’m sure you know that I love you but I am also sure that you have NO IDEA how MUCH I love you and that’s why I say it a million times a day.. in hopes that one day you will understand how intoxicating a mother’s love can be… So, Olivia.. I LOVE YOU…yes.. I said again!
You also asked me not to cry when I was reading this letter to you… I guess you know I’m a “crier” and you make me so proud and happy that I can’t help but shed my tears...but please know, Olivia..these are tears of joy because I feel so blessed that God chose me to be your mother and I have so much fun teaching you what the world is all about… I get so excited to think that there are still so many things left to show you and teach you…
You are such a happy little girl and a great daughter and sister. I admire your positive attitude and your faith in God and I love that you follow along with the readings at mass every Sunday and that you always remind me about everything because you have such a great memory!
Also, congratulations on your amazing report card that I got today.  You did such a great job in every subject and you make us very proud.  
Don’t forget to always take care of your little sister and to be nice to her all the time.  She looks up to you and you should always try to be the best version of yourself so that God and your family are proud of you.  
For those of you who don’t know Olivia very well, I will say a few fun things about her…
Olivia LOVES traveling (just like her mama!) and her favorite cities are Paris and New York.  The farthest destination Olivia has been to is Helsinki, Finland where we spent our last Spring Break.  During that trip, Olivia also visited Barcelona and Paris and she loved all three cities.  Olivia loves taking pictures and she took so many during our trip to Europe.  
Olivia is a great artist! She loves drawing, coloring, painting and everything that has to do with the arts. She also dances Flamenco and is learning to play the piano and has a very good ear for music.  
Olivia plays tennis and golf and she is a very athletic little girl.  Her dad put her in tennis lessons when she was only 2 and she has been playing ever since.  I am sure Olivia will be a great tennis player..
Olivia has 3 cats and she is an animal lover; her youngest cat is the most playful and whenever Olivia goes out in the yard, Stella follows her and even plays ball with her… right Olivia? For Halloween, Olivia plans to dress up as a cat! :)
Olivia is very excited about her upcoming first communion and she has been looking at some cute dresses online.  She already chose her favorite dress and her mommy will buy it for her.  Olivia’s favorite store is Justice and she loves colorful clothing, especially the ones with sparkles and animal prints…
Olivia also loves to change her earrings all the time and she really likes it when everything matches because she enjoys fashion very much.  
She is a great friend and she recently joined the Girl Scouts and is very happy to be making even more friends with those girls. 
Olivia please stay sweet and remember that God loves you and you are VERY unique.  Never lose your smile and positive attitude and remember that the world is at your feet as long as you work hard for what you want!


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