Tuesday, July 17, 2018


When asked if she likes to almost share a birthday with her sister, Olivia always says she feels torn about it; she insists that once her birthday rolls around, everyone is tired of birthday wishes and cakes. What Olivia doesn't know is that even if her sister's birthday comes the day before hers, she shines in such a way that not even an "almost shared" birthday can dim her brightness. I always joke and say she got the best birthday gift the day before she turned 2 years old, one that we will never be able to top because a sister is a friend forever and hers just happened to come a day before her birthday.. I'm not sure she buys the whole thing but I am certain she will always cherish the memories. 
Olivia is such a special little lady; she is caring, funny, outgoing and incredibly loving. She loves to sing, dance, act and draw... mmm..did anyone say artist? I see so much of me in her and I am always humbled by her grace and love for others. 
Olivia also loves to travel and her passion for learning about new cultures and places is one of the most fun parts about her personality because she is the best companion for new adventures. 
This year has been particularly trying for Olivia because she's growing up and realizing that there are many challenges to maturing both physically and emotionally; but even when the conversations are uncomfortable and the disappointments are plentiful, she manages to be resilient and come out stronger out of every situation.  
Olivia will soon be starting the 6th grade and even though she admittedly feels anxious about middle school, I am sure she will continue to do great in school and in anything she does. 
I feel overwhelmingly happy to have a daughter like Olivia and I pray to God she never changes. 
Dear Olivia: I hope you always stay true to yourself and always remember how loved you are by all of us and anyone who is blessed to know you!
Happy Birthday!

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