Friday, July 13, 2018

Movie Review: "Hotel Transylvania 3"

Every time there is a new installment of a successful movie franchise I get eager to watch it; I often wonder how they can top a good movie with an even better one and Hotel Transylvania did not disappoint.
This one is one of my favorite franchises because it gives such a great spin to the monster theme and makes all famous monsters very likable, I also love it because the story lines are so creative and despite it being a "monster" movie, it is quite colorful and cute.
This particular installment focuses on Count Dracula realizing that he's been single for way too long and him wanting to find a date. As he tries to hide his desire to date from his daughter Mavis, she decides to take him on a surprise cruise vacation with all of his friends, the usual suspects...
At first he thinks the whole cruise thing is dumb but when he unexpectedly "zings" with the beautiful captain, the whole experience becomes fun and enchanting.
A lot of funny things happen during this vacation and all the characters shine in their own way.  Count Dracula realizes that can love again and the whole gang teaches the villain about why good always prevails and how we're all similar despite our differences.  The movie ends with an epic DJ song battle and it has such a happy and wonderful ending.  I particularly enjoyed all the characters, the setting of the movie, the main plot and how it develops.  It is perfectly paced and simple enough for young kids to understand; it is also packed with light humor and colorful scenes; definitely a feel good family movie.
This one gets 4 out of 4 stars from me.  Totally recommended. 

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