Monday, July 16, 2018


Our very festive month of July is going really well! Iggy had his birthday on the 5th and now it's the girls' turn to shine and get older!
Today is Gaby's 9th birthday...the last of the single's still hard to believe she is so "old" already but I'm really loving the ride..
I've said it before... Gaby is the most challenging one out of our three children because she is the sweet and sour one of the bunch and the most unpredictable and willful; sometimes I really think God sent her to me so I could get better at being patient and understanding because she definitely tests me every chance she gets...
The good news is that her sweetness is overtaking and Gaby is also the most in touch with everyone else's problems; she has a degree of compassion that it's hard to match and that makes me very proud. Gaby is very observant and is specially particular about details such as small Lego pieces, color schemes, timelines, etc.. it's kind of funny to see such a young child so concerned about the little things and even funnier when that same person can also be so spacey at times..
Gaby loves reading, swimming in the pool, eating sweets, traveling and spending time with her friends; she is overall a joy to be around and I feel so lucky to be her mother. 
Gaby will soon be starting the 4th grade and is so excited about what the new school year has in store for her; she loves Math and Science and is a very good and dedicated student. 
Dear Gaby: I hope your birthday is amazing and I hope you know how loved you are by all of us and everyone who is lucky to know you. 
Happy 9th birthday!

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