Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HARRY POTTER and the Half Blood Prince

As a last minute pre-labor outing, Iggy and I went to the movies to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince... and may I say.. what a BAD movie!!!
Gosh... I think it is the worst out of all the Harry Potter movies and I also think that they made a big mistake splitting the last book into two movies! Plain horrible!...
The movie was dull, very slow, super dark and it lacked any kind of action. There was no climax in the movie and such a lack of plot.... definitely money and time wasted...
I felt bad for Iggy because he's not really a Harry Potter fan but he still sat through it (and even slept a bit) just to keep me company... that was sweet!
Anyways... although I know most Harry Potter fans will still go out and watch the movie... I feel compelled to say.. "Don't waste your time and money...the movie sucks!"
That's my review!

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Tara Lynne said...

I am so glad you posted this! I was so excited to see this movie (I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan)... But I spose I will just wait for the DVD...:)