Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Updates... (sort of)

I thought I should post a few updates since I haven't had that much time to get on the computer since Gaby was born...
First off, here is Gaby's birth story, for anyone who is interested and hasn't checked out "My Pregnancy Journal". As most of you know, I had a wonderful labor and we are now home trying to adjust to our new life. Sleepless night are not fun at all, but it's all part of this journey and thankfully it's just a stage.
Olivia has been amazing with her sister; she is fascinated by her and is so protective of her. She is also adjusting to her new role as a big sister and tries to be helpful and well behaved.
I've been feeling a little blue, I cry at times and other times I'm just feeling sad in general, mostly because I miss being around Iggy, who has to be at work every day and also because I feel overwhelmed at times.
I have spent a few days alone (minus occasional visits from my mom) and have been sleeping A LOT. Today my mother in law arrived from Venezuela and she will be staying with us for a month and a half to help out with Olivia and the new baby...yay for that!
I'm hoping that Gaby starts to get on some type of schedule soon because she has the habit of waking up every two hours or so, or even less....which, needless to say, it's extremely exhausting!!
Breastfeeding is going well and I'm keeping a positive attitude about my new role as a mommy of two!

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