Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The past (horrible) 24 hours!

So, the past 24 hours or so were HORRIBLE!!!
Going back a little more than 24 started with a high fever on Friday night, which wouldn't break... it got the chills at night and then my fever would go up to 103... I also had a massive headache, which I attributed to sleepless nights... and felt plain horrible...This lasted all weekend and even until Monday.
Fast forward to yesterday at around 3pm, Iggy took me to the doctor because of how sick I felt...I was seen my my ob/gyn and was sent to the hospital immediately.. Got admitted around 6pm, hooked up to an IV and was given intravenous antibiotics. I immediately started to feel some relief...
I had some blood work done and it turns out, I had a kidney infection, which had originated from the catheter I had in when I had the epidural during my delivery....what a nightmare!
Needless to say I spent a horrible night without my hubby and my babies (my mom stayed with me)... I kept crying just thinking that I couldn't be with Gaby, or breastfeed her.. or pay attention to Olivia or even sleep next to sad!
Today... I woke up feeling a little bit better and started pushing everyone to page my doctor so I could get discharged and come back home. Luckily a friend of mine who works at the hospital moved some strings for us and I was discharged at around 3pm today and was finally home with my babies!
I'm now at home, taking oral antibiotics and definitely feeling better. I was so happy to see my babies and I think they were happy to see me as well! I'm just glad this nightmare is over!

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