Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The "nesting" has begun

Here I am, about 3 weeks away from my due date and in complete "nesting" mode. I have turned on my "baby" switch and have started to get everything ready for the arrival of Gaby. Some people might argue that I have started "too late", but I think keeping busy until the end will help me forget about time and will make me feel more encouraged as D-day approaches. With the help of my mother in law, I have started to organize the drawers and have done tons of newborn laundry. Every time I fold something, I find myself reminiscing about the time Olivia was born and I get very emotional. It's hard to believe that she was ever that small and even harder to think of having another little baby in my arms within the next 3 weeks. I have cleaned out the closet, painted letters for baby Gaby and I have even bought a few things for my girls...although I have tons of clothes, there so much cute stuff around that I can't resist!My hospital bag is ready also; I bought myself some robes and pj's as well as comfortable slippers for my hospital stay. I packed my "granny panties", nursing bras and some other "must have" items. I have an ultrasound tomorrow, where they will check the baby's size. I have a doctor's appointment next Thursday and will discuss the plan with my doctor....Remember that all pregnancy related updates, can be found in my Pregnancy Journal (

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