Sunday, October 31, 2010


This was such a fun Halloween weekend, filled with great kid-friendly activities and family fun!
Yesterday we went out to trick-or-treat at our local mall and the girls had a blast getting and eating all the candy..
They were dressed in matching ladybug costumes and they looked so adorable!.. it was so cute to see them together... A lot of other kids were dressed up too so the whole thing was just great! I was so exhausted after that... it was a lot of walking!

Today, we went to "Zoo Miami" with the girls and my in-laws, who are in town.. We rented a Safari bicycle and rode around the whole zoo... it was so much fun... We saw a bunch of animals and enjoyed the sunny day...
As an added bonus, the girls got to feed the giraffes.. that was great too! I even got to feed them.. it's the closest I've been to any big animal! What a great experience... My niece Erika was really brave as she got REALLY close to the giraffes!

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