Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The "mom look"

This past weekend I had the "wonderful" experience of traveling alone with my two girls! Ahhh!! Let's just say it was a challenge and I won't be doing it again any time soon!...
The whole "ordeal" got me thinking about the "mom look"... you know that compassionate look that other moms give out when you're going through hell??? That look they use to let you know that they understand what you're going through?? Yes... that look... the eye rolling, head nodding, smily look... wow! I got it many times!!
These moms just saw a poor mommy, pushing a stroller with two kids, who kept trying to get out of it, or kept whining about not getting their way...they saw me trying to keep two kids from screaming or jumping on top of the guys sitting next to me on the plane! wow!
I really admire the moms who can deal with kids on their own and keep their cool throughout stressful situations because I know it takes A LOT not to "lose it" when the kids are just going nuts!
I must admit though, the "mom look" does help... the unspoken solidarity from other moms (and dads) is just priceless!
So I will keep giving the "mom look" to others and will definitely embrace it whenever it's given to me! :)

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LOL!!!! I LOVE YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! soooo true :) xoxo