Friday, October 22, 2010

Olivia's dentist appointment

A lot of my friends had told me that this age was the right one to take a toddler to the dentist so I did.. I really had no idea what to expect so I went in with an open mind...and so did Olivia.. or so I think!
We chose a pediatric dentist so that Olivia would be comfortable. We arrived about 1/2 hour before the scheduled appointment... Of course I had prepared Olivia for this BIG occasion and explained to her that someone would look in her mouth and such... I must admit I was terrified of the possibility of her having cavities or something along those lines...
Fast forward to the actual appointment... Dr U. looked in Olivia's mouth and she congratulated her (me) on her beautiful, clean/perfect teeth... What a relief....
The hygienist did a cleaning and put fluoride in Olivia's mouth... she did so well.. made me so proud!
Of course, as expected, the THUMB SUCKING subject came up and I was surprised by the doctor's comments... She said I should NOT worry about it because Olivia hasn't done any permanent damage to her teeth and she's obviously not emotionally ready to stop sucking her thumb. Dr. U. emphasized the importance of avoiding negative reinforcement and reassured me that she will EVENTUALLY drop this habit! I sure hope so!
All in all, a great first dentist appointment experience... I'm happy we overcame that "hurdle" and even happier that Olivia did so well!

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