Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crazy, exhausted, drained mommy...

Having kids is SUCH a hard job.. it is so exhausting and so draining... and yes, of course it's super rewarding and joyful and all the awesome things people say it is.. but any mom who says she doesn't have days when she wants to run from it all.. well.. she's simply lying.. and YES.. I can assure you this, because I AM A MOTHER.. and there are days where I WANT TO RUN AWAY!!!
Lately, my kids have pressed every possible button and have driven me to absolute insanity... I often question what I was thinking when I decided to fill my life with little creatures... Yes.. I LOVE THEM.. but oh boy, do they drive me crazy!
I'm choking it up to things like "this is a tough age" or "they're just going through a stage".. or even "when they start school things will calm down a bit"... I really hope I'm right because my patience is gone...
Olivia is so defiant and daring.. and Gaby.. well, she TWO years old.. enough said!
I need a vacation... I really do...
Please tell me I'm not alone.. would you?

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