Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gaby is 31 months!

My beautiful, fun, sassy daughter is 31 months today! wow! Just 5 more months until she is 3 and I still can't believe it..
At 36 months, I will no longer post monthly updates since that's when I stopped with Olivia also..but I sure will post fun pictures of my "baby"..
Let's see... Gaby is 100% potty trained... even night trained and I, of course, couldn't be happier... It is quite to joy to be done with diapers and dirty butts!
Gaby has taken to crafts and coloring and I must say she's pretty good at that.. She has started to color inside the lines, which makes me so happy...
Her favorite movie is "Beauty and the Beast", and she seriously thinks she is Belle... sometimes she even makes me call her by that name.. it is quite amusing...
She talks SO much and SO well... and definitely makes it a point to be understood...
She's not a very good eater but does LOVE sweets and chocolate.. oh my!
Gaby is 27 lbs and 36".. still petite...and oh so cute!
Happy 31 months, Gaby!!

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