Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fat body, fat mentality?? Or is it the other way around??

Even though I wouldn't call myself "fat", I am definitely overweight and I fit in the category of the many that struggle with weight loss and self-acceptance...
Yes, I love my life and I'm happy with everything I have, but I also know that physically speaking I could be much better off...possibly weighing 40 lbs less would make me much happier... How vane of me!
I have made several attempts at losing weight.. some of which have been successful and inspiring..however, here I am.. sitting comfortably in a size 10 and 180+ lbs...
So I wonder.. do I just have a fat mentality? I mean..there has to be a reason why I love sweets and carbs so much.. maybe I'm just wired like that?
Or.. did the fat body MAKE my mentality fat? I was skinny at some point and I'm sure I didn't rely on sweets and carbs as nutrition.. so maybe I just became like this after gaining weight?
Either way.. I know I've touched on this subject so many times before and although I have come to the same conclusion every time (I need to diet and exercise) and have been lost a few pounds in the process (and got a gym membership!)... I still see NO PROGRESS and I hate it.. My pants are snug, my butt is huge and my arms are big too... even my lovely husband has pointed out that I'm "getting out of control" (how sweet of him.. right?...NOT)....Bottom line... you skinny people out there... what are your secrets? Any fun suggestions?
I NEED to lose 40 lbs this year.. and considering we're already in mid-February, I don't have much times.. 10 months is NOTHING... I need to do this!


Adriane said...

It's definitely not a "fun" suggestion but I would try cutting down on processed foods, specifically breads and pastas if you eat a lot of them and switching more of your meals to fruits and veggies. Also cut back on dairy! When I cut those out of my diet I lost a lot of weight without exercising. Also, if you don't already, try eating 6 small meals a day. A lot of people say that works for them! Good luck! I KNOW you can do it! :)

Stories of a Happy Mom said...

Thank you, Adriane! Great suggestions..
Dieting is never "fun", so I totally see where you're coming from!

Vanessa said...

Fun and weight loss in the same sentence....hmmm, a very difficult request. I have lost 80 pounds ( and maintained it for 3 years) and for me counting caloriesand exercise worked. In the beginning I counted all calories and kept a list on a calorie counting website. I hired a trainer when I first started at the gym ( I liked the accountability) and had her for 6 weeks. I had to learn to put myself first at times....still a struggle some days. I have noticed that I crave 'junk' less and exercise more! I currently go to the gym at least 4 times per week for at least 45 minutes. I also found work out buddies and classes helped to motivate me on the days I was lazy and otherwise would have stayed home. I still have days and sometimes weeks when I jump off the healthy bandwagon but I have learned to forgive myself and move forward!

Martyna said...

You know me for years girl... Forget about a diet, because they are all a waste of time! You need to change your mindset and change your lifestyle as a whole. Eat something healthy every 3-4 hours, breakfast is a MUST every day, and the gym has to become a regular "chore". Going to the gym is like taking a shower, brushing teeth or doing laundry... If you like it or not, you just have to do it. And the faster you get it over with, the better, and you will feel great afterwards. You will actually start liking it after a while:) Don't buy any junk food for the house because it'll be tempting you all the time. And as far as the sweets and "bad food" go, set a day of the week (for me it is Sunday) when you will let yourself eat anything and everything (sweets, junk food, etc). But remember: just one day a week! Be good on the other days of the week... My "junk day" is a weekly reward for me for being good the whole week and exercising:) Good luck! I love you!

Stories of a Happy Mom said...

Awesome suggestions!
I really appreciate people taking the time to tell me their personal stories..
Exercise is definitely a MUST... I already got the gym membership, so I guess I'm half way there.. now to start going! ;)

staceykt22 said...

Portion control works for me. I like carbs and ice cream as much as the next person, but I only allow myself small portions. I also agree with Adriane, try to cut back on processed foods. I once heard that you should only grocery shop on the outskirts of the grocery store, where all the fresh foods are. Good luck Adriana!