Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another Disney weekend...

This weekend we went to the "happiest place on earth" yet again and we had such a wonderful time, as usual..  Many people ask me "do you ever get tired of going to Disney?"...and my answer is always "WHO gets tired of going to Disney?"..I know we don't, and this weekend just reminds me why we never do.. it's just so much fun...
On Saturday we went to the Magic Kingdom and spent a wonderful day with Mickey and friends.. This time was extra special because Olivia finally reached 44"+ so she could ride things like "Space Mountain" and other big kid rides.. she was so ecstatic and was sure to take advantage of her "huge" height.. too cute!'s Olivia, so proud of herself for finally reaching the big girls' height! She had such a blast!!

 Today we went to the Animal Kingdom, and Olivia was able to ride "Expedition Everest", one of the coolest rides in Disney.. She was so happy she got to ride it twice in a row!.. I was such a proud mom!

... I'm happy to say that Disney will be seeing a lot of us this year, since we just renewed our annual passes for another full year! Best investment we've ever made!  ;)

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