Sunday, October 21, 2012

Adriana Perez, MS

Even though I finished all of my degree requirements back in July; there was still an exit exam to be done in mid-September, which had me a bit anxious.. of course!
I got my test results back at the end of September and then the waiting began... I was checking the mail every day expecting to get my coveted "Master of Science" diploma!
...and so it happened.. the amazing surprise, which brightened my day...and my week... (and probably my whole month)...the diploma came in the mail last Thursday....
Adriana Perez, Master of Science... how awesome is that?!?!?
It's funny how God has a way to speak to people.. just this week, a few days before I got my diploma, I had a bit of a meltdown about my student loans and the repayment plans.. According to my calculations, it will take me approximately 25 years to repay my student loans (that's at the lowest repayment rate, of course).. that day I just felt so defeated and if my efforts weren't worth it.. I even joked around with Iggy and told him I would rip off my diploma as soon as it came...
But then the diploma came and my worry and frustration just went away... all I wanted to do was hang my diploma somewhere I could see it every day.. and that's what I will do, celebrate my accomplishment and live it up!
Did you know that only 6% of the American population holds a Master's degree?? ;)

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