Friday, October 26, 2012

My blog is 4 years old!!

"Stories of a Happy Mom" (formerly known was "A World of My Own") is turning 4 years old today!!
Woo hoo!!  For anyone who blogs, I'm sure you know that keeping a blog alive is NOT an easy task...
Finding stuff to write, pictures to post, topics to discuss are just a few of the challenges that most bloggers face, and I'm obviously not the exception...
Oftentimes I wonder, "does anyone read this blog?", "are my topics relevant?", "do people really care about my life and what I have to say?"... I ask myself those questions among many others, but then I think "I LOVE writing a blog"... "I LOVE keeping THIS blog".. and a lot of times I sit and read my old posts and relive the happy (and not so happy) moments all over again... and that's why I write all makes sense!
I've said this before... my ultime goal is to print out this blog and give it to my kids as a gift... and even though I haven't figured out the time frame, I really hope that they will enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoy writing it...
If you've followed my blog or even read a post at some point.. I THANK YOU for taking the time to share a piece of me!
Happy Birthday, blog!
Happy blogging!!

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