Thursday, October 25, 2012

School pictures

Who knew school pictures would be such a BIG deal for me!?!?
We got the girls' school pictures back today and I'm so upset and disappointed... they're definitely not what I expected.. I feel like the photographers were lazy and didn't put much effort into taking these pictures.. Also, because the pictures were paid for before hand, I feel like I have to settle for something that just isn't good enough...
Either way.. like Iggy says "they're just school pictures!".

Here's Gaby's.. I hate that she's not looking at the camera and her face is missing her usual grin, which is adorable.. She looks too serious and stiff.. maybe the photographer was mean to her? LOL

..and here's Olivia's, which is better than Gaby's but definitely not her best picture.. I really dislike the way they fixed her hair and she isn't sitting straight.. I guess I was expecting much better pictures...

... so these will be the pictures that show up in the yearbook.. I guess I'll have to warm up to them...

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