Thursday, December 17, 2009

Olivia is 29 months!

My beautiful princess is 29 months, which means we're closer and closer to another birthday! I get so sad every time I think of her growing up so fast... but then I see her and my heart fills up with joy and pride... she is so amazing!!!
Olivia is definitely my best friend, she is so amazingly loving and incredibly smart! We hang out together all the time and I enjoy her company so much...
Olivia loves to sing and dance and really enjoys listening to music in the car... she knows the lyrics to so many songs and even demands some songs to be played for her.. so cute! She also loves to play dress up and wear all kinds of costumes!
She loves to play with her little sister and shares all of her toys with her... She loves to pose for pictures and is a very creative little girl..
She is really looking forward to Santa coming to bring her toys and other gifts... So adorable!
Happy 29 months baby girl!

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