Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Toys anyone??

Wow! I survived the jungle that Toys R Us was today! it was crazy!!!
Although Iggy and I had decided not to go all out with toys and gifts, we did want to get a few things for the girls from "Santa"...
So... I was brave enough to head to Toys R Us today and buy the gifts we wanted for Gaby and Olivia...
As soon as I got there I sensed the "jungly" feeling.. people were running around grabbing toys like it was the end of the world... the shelves were empty and everything was super messy.. toys on the floor, things with no tags or prices... it was crazy!!!!
I walked around the store looking for the items on my check list and although I didn't find them all, I did buy most of what I needed!
After I was done with Toys R Us, I headed to Target to buy what was missing....
I'm happy to say that I bought everything I was looking for and I didn't go over budget!... what an accomplishment!
I can't wait for the girls to open their gifts and enjoy them!! Surviving the jungle was well worth it! One thing I learned for sure... next year I'm going shopping in November! ;)

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lol good for you!!! i'll be shopping WAYYYY IN ADVANCE next year for sure!!! xoxo :)