Sunday, January 17, 2010

Olivia is 30 months!

My little lady is 30 months today! Only 6 more months and she will be 3 years old! wow! it's so easy to say, yet so difficult to swallow! I know I always say the same thing, but it feels like it was yesterday that she was born, and there she is... a little lady... so incredibly smart and full of life...
Olivia is my pride and joy... she is so assertive and so creative... I never thought such a little person could bring so much happiness to our lives...
She loves to sing and dance and we will soon be enrolling her in dancing lessons, which she has asked me to do several times... She also loves art and enjoys coloring and painting...
Her favorite game is "dress up", where she dresses up as Cinderella or whatever princess she comes up with.. She loves to wear my high heels and walk around in them... too cute!
So far she is doing great at school, although she has her moments where she hits and bites classmates.. oops! I guess we have to work on that!
Olivia is such a great big sister, she simply loves protecting her baby sister and enjoys making her laugh.. it's adorable!
Happy 30 months little lady! We love you so much!

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