Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome to "sunny" South Florida!

Sunny... NOT! It has been so cold here in Miami that I feel like I'm in New York, in a typical winter day... I know it sounds a bit odd and exaggerated, but believe me when I say that it has NEVER been so cold, at least not since I've lived here (the past almost 14 years)... We are hitting record lows everywhere... upper 30's, low 40''s.. it's unheard of!
Of course, it's nice to get ourselves and the girls all bundled up for a change...but since we don't really own any winter clothing, it has been a little difficult to dress to the occasion...
Yesterday was such an ugly day... On top of a 40 degree weather, it was rainy and very gloomy... we stayed in most of the day and then I went to a baby shower with Olivia...
Today.. it was just as cold, maybe even colder.. but no rain, thank God!
So.. go ahead European, northern and Canadian friends...make fun of me.. I am freezing!!!

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Amoruccio said...

jajaja, sí q hace frío = $