Saturday, November 17, 2012

Alexandra's Birthday Party

This weekend we attended Alexandra's 4th birthday party...she is one of Gaby's new friends from school so it was pretty neat to go to the party and meet so many new people from the school and Gaby's classroom..
Alexandra is one of the girls that has really taken to Gaby and they seem to be on the road to a cute friendship.. they are adorable together...
The party was Lalaloopsy themed and everything was so much fun and so perfect.. Alexandra's mom really took her time to make this a successful party filled with special details and beautiful stuff... There were also tons of desserts, great food, games and even a petting zoo.. we had a wonderful time!
Here are some pictures from the party... I couldn't get a good picture of Alexandra because she really wasn't in the mood for pictures.. but I'm sure she had a great time too!

Happy Birthday, Alexandra! What a great party you had!

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