Friday, November 16, 2012

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

This past Thursday there was a special Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast celebrated at Olivia's school. 
The feast featured all the cute kindergarteners dressed as pilgrims and indians, doing arts and crafts with all parents and family members. 
I, unfortunately, could not attend due to a work meeting but my mother in law went on my behalf and took these awesome pictures so I could be part of it at least through that...
She said the kids did a great job reciting a special Thanksgiving poem and everyone had a great time eating yummy fall foods and mingling with other families...
Too bad I couldn't make it this time.. but I'm glad the event was fun and playful!

Here's Olivia with her grandma..

Next week, it will be Gaby's turn to celebrate with her classmates.. I hope I can make it to that one! ;)

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