Thursday, November 29, 2012

Movie review: "Rise of the Guardians"

I have to admit that when the previews for this movie first came out, I wasn't entirely convinced that it would be a good fit for us, but I gave in to the pressure Olivia put on me and we went to see it...
Let's see... I think the characters in this movie are genius.. the "guardians" (Santa, Easter Bunny, Sandman, Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost) work so well together and they each have a peculiar treat and fun personality... from the accent, to the skills they's all great and original.. I loved them..
...then there's the "Boogey Man"..such a mean man who made my girls freak out.. especially Gaby...
The story revolves around the mean "Boogey Man" and his macabre plan to implant fear in all children and steal the holidays so they don't believe in magic anymore... then the guardians come in and save the innocence of children by fighting the "Boogey Man" and helping them believe again!...
In the end, they succeed and all the children are happy...(that's the short version, of course!)
I think the story is awesome and the way in which the guardians accomplish their goal is so creative.. I also think the scary parts are handled well and the ending is so emotional and cheerful..
I probably wouldn't recommend this one to kids younger than 4 or 5...but it was a great movie!
I give this one 5 out of 5 starts... a must see for sure!

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