Sunday, November 4, 2012

Highlights of the week

For some reason I was incredibly busy this week and I couldn't blog as much as I usually do..
So this would be an all inclusive, summary like post to mention the highlights of the week! 
On November 1st, Olivia attended her first ever All Saint's Parade at school and let me say it was the most adorable thing! wow!
All kids were dressed up as saints and parading around the school piazza.. Olivia was dressed as the Virgin Mary and she was so proud of her look.. it was truly adorable.. and I really like the idea of teaching her our Catholic traditions in a fun and cute way..

In between all this excitement, we also went to the movies to watch "Wreck-it-Ralph" (movie review to come), we went shopping and I attended an amazing Catechetical Conference (post to come later)...

..and last but not least...Olivia lost her first tooth!  She was so excited and wanted to show everyone her little gap.. It was such a cute experience.. The tooth fairy was super generous and gave her $20 for her first tooth.. she was thrilled when she woke up this morning.. A friend of mine gave me this link for an official "Tooth Fairy" certificate.. and that was the special touch.. so cute!

..this week was awesome and I'm so happy we're in November already.. the holidays are so close and the weather is amazing!!!
Happy Blogging! 

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