Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

It's no secret that in our household EVERYONE is passionate about politics.. and by that I mean EVERYONE.. 
Surprisingly enough, at their young age the girls have taken this election season very seriously.. I guess hearing so much about it has made them very interested..and I think school also helps...
In an earlier post, I blogged about our voting experience and how we voted early and the girls came along...
My kids always make me laugh and today they didn't disappoint..
Today after I picked up the girls from school, we had the following conversation:

Me: Olivia did they talk about the election at school?
Olivia: yes, mommy! They mentioned Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
Me: interesting.. Did you pick a candidate?
Olivia: no! We weren't allowed to say but a kid did tell me that Romney plans to knock down Cartoon Network...
(then Gaby quickly interjects and says)
Gaby: no's Elmo...not Cartoon Network..that kid is wrong!!

This is proof that kids are listening at ALL times..and needless to say I was cracking up!
...then Olivia asked if that was true and I just gave her my version! ;)

I think it's totally cool and funny that the girls are so invested in the election process and their funny comments have made this day so much easier on us... I love how the innocence of children can turn it all around, and a nasty Election Day isn't the exception! ;)

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