Wednesday, July 16, 2014


 Our funky daughter turned 5 years old today!
What a joyous ride life has been since Gaby has been in it... she is the most amazing, beautiful and loving little girl I know... with quite the defiant and "out of the box" personality...she definitely gives me a run for my money!
Gaby is dramatic, passionate, bossy, creative, sweet, tender, ferocious, stubborn, intelligent, friendly and MUCH MORE, all at the same time.  I have never met such a child and I thank God every day for gracing my life with her presence.  
I can still remember the day I found out I was pregnant with Gaby and here I am celebrating the 5th birthday of my soon to be kindergartener... time sure flies...and I am definitely enjoying it with her next to me. 

Gaby's day was as special as she deserves.  We woke her up with a donut breakfast in bed with a sparkly #5 candle, which she quickly blew with her sister next to her.  Her "half-awake" face in the picture says it al.. she was having a blast!

We surprised her with tons of balloons scattered around the apartment and she enjoyed kicking them around and posing for pictures while opening the few presents we had for her...

....her diva attitude came up right away as she posed for even more pictures with her "Birthday Princess" t-shirt that she proudly wore all day long...

Gaby opted for a "donut cake", which we improvised at home. We ate hot dogs and sang "Happy Birthday" and she blew her 2nd candle of the day. Here's our annual "next to the cake" family picture.  Happy Birthday, Gaby!

And of course, for the purpose of reminiscing (the one thing I'm a pro at!), here are some pictures of Gaby through the years; all pictures were taken around the time of her birthday or during her actual birthday, which makes for a great comparison of her sweet face over time.  The pictures are a great illustration of how much she has changed (or not!?) during the past 5 years.....

...and of course this week's fun isn't nearly over as we will celebrate Olivia's birthday tomorrow and their big party is yet to come!

Thank you to all of our friends who sent warm birthday wishes for Gaby.  We appreciate every phone call, message, email, like and comment.  Gaby had an amazing day and we continue to celebrate our blessings, which are made even clearer through our children's smiles and healthy lives. 

Much love!

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