Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Break: Week 5

We're halfway through our summer and enjoying every second of it. 
Panama has been great to us; there are tons of beautiful places here and the people are nice and very receptive. 
This week was very nice; we were able to relax and do plenty of things. 
We hung out with some friends and I reunited with an old friend from elementary school, whom I hadn't seen in almost 20 years. 
Here's a picture of the girls with her kids....

On July 8th we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary (civil ceremony).  We didn't do anything big because our "real" anniversary isn't until November, but the event it's definitely worth remembering so here's a picture of that happy day, 9 years ago! :)

The girls had some pool time and enjoyed the warm weather; they are definitely like two fishes splashing around and swimming like crazy!!!

We enjoyed the last week of the World Cup and posed with every single soccer paraphernalia we found...
Here's us at the mall with the official Fifa soccer ball!

Here are the girls playing at the mall food court... 

On Wednesday, my aunt Laurita joined us; she came from Venezuela to spend a few days with us and it has been awesome having her around and seeing the girls interact with her.  The reunion was quite emotional and we are soaking in our time together!

Here are a few pictures from the beautiful scenery in Panama City.  We went to "Casco Viejo" and enjoyed our time learning about the history of Panama and the Panama Canal (which we have yet to visit). It's really beautiful here....

My friend Karlek and I

...and finally today, we went to Tony Roma's to watch the World Cup final; it was very exciting even though my team (Argentina) didn't win this time.  We got our faces painted and paraded around waving the Argentinian flag.  It's always great to watch these soccer matches surrounded by loud and overly reactive people... it made for a great Sunday!
Notice that my mom is ALSO here; we surprised my aunt Laurita by bringing my mom.  They hadn't seen each other in over 5 years so their reunion was even more exciting.  They were crying for hours on end and it was such an awesome moment!  Memories were made for sure!

We will be in Panama for another 12 days and this coming week will be extra special since we will be celebrating the girls' 5th and 7th birthdays.  They are so excited about their special days and of course I am too.  Can't wait to post more about our summer adventures and our time in Panama!

Happy Summer!

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