Thursday, July 17, 2014


Today our little lady turned 7 years old! 
Olivia has turned into such a big girl, full of life and with the most contagious happiness anyone can imagine, she is literally the sunshine of our family and we are so blessed to be her parents. 
Olivia is smart, funny, artistic, gentle, precocious, rebellious, funky, nosy, inquisitive, annoying, loud and MUCH more, all at the same time; she has taught me so much about life and love in her short life. 

Today was not short of fun and enjoyment, all in the best "Olivia" style.  
We woke her up with a donut breakfast in bed because she NEEDED to receive the same treatment her sister got on her day; she happily blew her #7 candle and recreated the picture we took of Gaby yesterday. 
Having the girls' birthdays in a row is SO MUCH FUN! (in case anyone was wondering!)

.... as well as the balloon picture! :)

We spent some time at the pool enjoying the beautiful weather; she had a blast playing with the GoPro camera and making some videos of herself jumping in the water....

..she then dressed up with her "Birthday Princess" t-shirt and proudly posed for some pictures!  I can't believe how grown up she looks in all these pictures.  She is a true beauty! :)

In the afternoon, we took her to Color Me Mine, where she expressed her artistic abilities by painting a ceramic star; Olivia REALLY enjoys all things artsy so this was the perfect day for her. We won't see the finished piece until later in the week since it has to go in the oven, but I'm sure it will be beautiful!

At night we all went out to dinner to some Mexican place and cut a tiny cake, which was really delicious.  Olivia had such an amazing day; she was very appreciative of all the things we planned for her and said this was the "best birthday ever!".  I really love how expressive she is and her positive attitude always fills me with so much pride and joy!

And because I can't finish this day without reminiscing of old times, here's the collage of Olivia through the years.  Again, all pictures were taken on or around her birthday and they show how much she has changed in the past 7 years.  

And last but not least, we would like to thank all of our family and friends for all the wonderful birthday wishes for Olivia today. She enjoyed reading all messages, emails and comments on her pictures.  We really appreciate all your love on days like today!
Happy Birthday, Olivia! We love you so much!

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