Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Break: Week 6

Another summer week, a few other stories to tell and even more memories made. What a fun summer we've had so far!
We're still in Panama and still loving our time here, getting to know some beautiful places and touring around the city. 
This week we visited places such as Amador and the marina (pictured below).  The weather has been "so-so".. it rains A LOT here in Panama so we've spent some time indoors as well. 

Here are the girls in some crazy ball floating in the water.  It was one of the attractions at the mall; Olivia really loved it, but Gaby.. not so much! LOL

Of course, this past week we also celebrated the girls' birthdays, but you already knew that.. Those two days were definitely the most fun this week! :)

We spent some time at the pool on the days that didn't rain and the girls (and I) had a blast swimming and enjoying the sunshine....

We continue to enjoy this wonderful view and this week we were transferred to a 27th floor penthouse after the A/C broke down in the other apartment, so the views were even better.  We now have a huge open terrace and are loving every minute of the breathtaking sights.  Love it!

This is a family selfie we took.  My mom spent a week here (she left today!) and we really had a great time walking around and spending quality time together. 

We also visited the Panama Canal, which is one of the most amazing engineering marvels in the world.  Not only is the technology incredible, but thinking of what this canal means to the world trade is seriously mind blowing.  We got to see a few ships going through the canal and even saw the Miraflores Locks in action... wow! I'm so glad we had the chance to visit this great place and the girls got to learn a little bit about its history and impact in the world. 

More time at the Olivia posing for underwater pictures!

And finally today we visited the "Bio Museo", which will soon open its doors to the public (they currently operate under limited hours).  This is such an interesting building, designed by famous architect Frank Gehry; even though we didn't go in, I did enjoy admiring the building and taking pictures. 

We will be spending another week here in Panama and going back home on Friday.  As much as I've loved every minute of our time here, I will admit that I have missed our cats dearly and can't wait to be back in my own bed. :)
4 weeks left of summer now! I can't believe school will start back in less than a month!!!!

Happy Summer!

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