Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Break: Week 7

This week was very eventful and needless to say, very fun as well.  It was full of adventure and a lot of emotions as we parted ways with my aunt Laurita, who spent 3 weeks with us in Panama; it's always so hard to say good bye, but this time was specially hard since the girls really bonded with her. We already miss her so much and have only been apart for 2 days! :(
We enjoyed our last week in Panama and are now back at home; I'm bonding with our cats who clearly missed me very much and taking control of our home again...
Here are some pictures of this week. 
We were back at Casco Viejo in Panama, where we walked around and shopped for souvenirs and local artisan products... it was extremely hot so being outside was very challenging but the girls still posed for some cute pictures.

Here are the girls spending some time with my aunt Laurita; their connection was so amazing and I am thankful for that...I hope we can see her again very soon! :)

My sister and Erika joined us for a few days and we captured some great family moments...

On our last day, we visited Mi Pueblito, which is a small colonial village in the heart of Panama City, it showcases the 3 main and most influential cultures of Panama and features replicas of colonial, African and Indian homes; it's a great place to learn about the main characteristics of these cultures and ethnic groups. 
Here are some pictures....we really enjoyed this day trip...

This is a "Pollera" a typical outfit from Panama; our tour guide said these could cost up to 30 thousands dollars, along with all the gold jewels and head pieces... very impressive...

The girls also enjoyed some time at the park during our last day; these two sure know how to make the best of everything! :)

And these are some pictures from our good bye dinner, our last family selfie in the apartment terrace and the girls hugging my aunt goodbye...gosh saying bye is SO hard!!!

We came home on Friday and I was so glad to reunite with this cutie.  She has followed me around since the minute I walked in the house and I have loved every second of her fluffy company!

And as a bonus, here's a sneak peek of what the girls' party will look like.  I have been frantically planning their birthday party for months and they are so excited about it.  I, too, am excited and can't wait to share this special day with all our friends and family. The party will be a pink and green tennis themed celebration to take place this coming Saturday..I hope it all comes out as we have planned....  :)

And with that, we're in the last stretch of our summer break! 3 more weeks and the girls will be back in school and all will be right in the world! :)
Happy summer!!

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