Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gabriela is 2 months old!

My baby Gaby is 2 months old where did the time go??? It's amazing to see my babies grow up so fast right in front of my eyes! What a blessing!
Gabriela is doing great; she is hitting every milestone by the book and shows signs of being such a happy baby. Smiles are constant and very abundant and she is extremely active; she has already rolled over a few times and is constanly moving her arms and legs; she has excellent head and neck control and is very alert!
Sleep patterns are "ok"; she sleeps through the night most nights (8+ hours), but there are still a few crazy nights here and there.... oh well, we really can't complain in that department...I know many mommies have it much worse than we do!
Gaby is also much needier than Olivia was, she is constantly looking for me and wants to be around familiar faces and be held all the time....what a sweet baby!
She had her 2-month appointment today and got her shots; she only cried a little bit and stopped as soon as I held her. She now weighs 10lbs 1oz and is 23 inches long; although she is still on the light side, the doctor said that she is very tall and her growth pattern is adequate, so I'm not worried. He recommended that I feed her a bit more rice cereal to assist with her weight gain and growth as needed!
Her next appointment is scheduled for October 16th; she will get her ears pierced and the doctor will check her weight again....
Happy 2 months Gaby!


Kim said...

Happy 2 month baby girl!

Maheva said...

Yay for Gaby!! She seems to be doing great! :) she rolls over already? wow! thats good. Christopher seems to be a little behind, which I was going to ask the doctor about yesterday, but was rushed out. Well hope your little Gaby keeps it up!! She's a beautiful baby!!