Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quality time with my mommy...

As many of you know, my dad recently got a job in Auburn so my parents will be relocating to Alabama very soon.... and I am super sad about it..
My dad already left and has been living in Auburn since mid August and although he has been down to visit a few times, I miss him like crazy!!!
... but the saddest part is yet to come.. and that is the day my mommy leaves!!! I pray to God that I can deal with the sadness that her move will bring... She will be leaving this coming Sunday and I am dreading the moment when I have to say good bye! 
So... today I decided to spend some quality time with my mom; we went to lunch and then we went to the movies to watch "Julie & Julia", which by the way, was a great movie.  It was wonderful to spend all day with my mom and even though she is still here I have started to miss her already... My mom and I are very close and I cannot fathom the idea of not having her around on a daily basis...
On top of that, my sister will also be leaving to Alabama with my beautiful niece, who happens to be Olivia's best friend and playmate!
I certainly wish my parents and sister a lot of luck with their new life but I wish this wasn't happening and we could be together forever!!!
I need all the kinds words and support I can get from my readers... because although it sounds silly, this is going to be very hard for me!


Maheva said...

All I can say is BE STRONG!! Holidays are right around the corner, hopefully you will all be together again then. I can't even imagine if my parents moved away! I am really close to my mom as well, my whole family in general, and I know it would be hard to be far from them. In July they all left to NY for a week and I was miserable, it was during a hard time, but still I missed them like crazy. I visit them every single day, I wouldn't know how to deal if they were far. So just be strong and hopefully they can visit often and vice versa! Enjoy your mom and sister a whole lot while they are still here!! :-)


ayyy Adriana!!! i'm so sorry you have to go through this. Just remember you're not alone you are surrounded by people that love you. You will definately be in my prayers and always know that God will never give you more than you can handle.
see you tomorrow...