Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gaby's weight update

Some of you might remember this post, where I talked about the doctor's concern regarding Gaby's weight.... At her one month appointment she was 8lbs 14oz, which put her below the 50th percentile in regards to babies her age...
Well, today we had an appointment for a weight check and she is now 9lbs 10oz; the doctor said that although she is still below the 50th percentile, her weight gains is steady and consistent with her growth pattern so there's nothing to worry about. He did say that he was impressed with how alert Gaby was and stated she was "advanced" for her age. Gaby even rolled over for the doctor while we were at the appointment...needless to say we were both amazed although I'm sure it was more of an "accidental" turn.. ha ha.. still cute though!
He said that Gaby should be eating around 30 to 32oz of formula per day and stated that I should try to wake her up at night to feed her since she has been sleeping 8+ hours for over a week now... (I'm not sure I will do that, though...ha ha)..
Her next appointment is scheduled for September 16th and that's when she will get her 2-month shots.... I'm so NOT looking forward to that day... oh well!

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