Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Parent-Teacher night!

Last night was our first "Parent-Teacher" night and I gotta say it was wonderful!!
We were very excited to be able to meet with Olivia's teacher and talk about her progress. We were informed of the school's curriculum and methodology and were greeted by all the staff that comes in contact with was great! We were also told that Olivia is a very engaged child and does great with other children.
Now, more than ever, we are so confident that we picked the right school for Olivia and we are really happy to have felt such a warm and positive attitude from all the teachers and assistants. On top of it all we got to meet some of the parents of Olivia's classmate and even some of the children were present during the Open House....
Thank God for guiding us and bringing us to such great place! Let's hope Oli continues to make progress and enjoy her day to day school routine!

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