Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gaby is 20 months!

My little princess is 20 months today!.. only 4 more months until she is 2!!! Ahhh!! Why can't time just slow down, just a little bit???
She's so much fun and such a joy in our lives.. She is so talkative and so active.. Gaby can say phrases and says over 100 words.. She's also a little parrot, just repeats everything she hears.. it's so much fun to hear her just talk away.. wow!
Gaby loves to dance, loves to play and is now starting to do somersaults.. not sure where THAT came from!!!??
On a bad note, she has a horrible TEMPER! wow! It's her way or the high way! Sometimes she's too much to handle when she's in one of her moods.. she's not exactly the tantrum kind but it is rough to calm her down when she goes ballistic! I really hope this changes soon....
I'm already planning Gaby's birthday party and it's so exciting.. It will be a "Tangled" themed party, as chosen by Olivia.. she's the boss after all!
Happy 20 months Gaby!!!

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Maheva said...

Happy 20months Gaby!!!
Don't you just LOVE the tantrums! lol
Christopher is the same way, it has to be HIS way or now way! lol. Can't believe they're almost 2yrs old already! I wish we could slow time down too! hahaha!!