Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The joys of toddlerhood

Toddlerhood has proven to be a lot more challenging than I ever imagined... it is crazy, it is exhausting, it is draining and sometimes even torturous!
I can't understand how two little girls can have SO MUCH energy and I can't help but hope that they will calm down soon... hopefully VERY soon...
Olivia NEVER sleeps.. I think she gets in about 6 or 7 hours of sleep per day.. that's without any naps or quite time (because those are unknown concepts to her), yet she's NEVER calm and never tired.. when she's awake she's either talking, singing, crying or yelling... I feel like her sole mission in life is to test my patience.. and believe me... she does!
Gaby does nap some but not much.. She goes to bed around 8pm and sleeps until about 7am.. not so bad, right? Well, it is bad if you add the fact that whenever she's awake she's another ball of energy... recipe for disaster!
None of them understand the meaning of the word "NO" and rarely ever follow any of my commands.. they both have a mind of their own (crazy minds, that is) and they seem to constantly be doing SOMETHING... whatever it is!..
It has become almost impossible to eat out with them because they're so disruptive and loud! It is so frustrating!
I'm so incredibly exhausted and need a serious break!.. Maybe I can go to Europe or a deserted beach for a month?? Ahhh!! One can only dream, right?
Ohh!! The Joys of Toddlerhood...


I Just Love You said...

i don't even want to imagine what my life will be like in two years. ugh. maybe we can run away together! i could use a vacation!

ThreeMenandaLady said...

I love posts like this because it proves that Ian is a very normal toddler. LOL