Friday, March 25, 2011

It's all about perspective (..and attitude...)

Yesterday I experienced one of those "epiphany" moments.. it was weird but stimulating at the same time!
It suddenly came to me that it's all about "perspective" and about how you approach life and everything that comes with it...
You may be asking yourself "what the hell is she talking about"... well, here's the story....
I was at school yesterday and while I was waiting for the professor with one of my classmates (who happens to be in a wheelchair, but still tries to make the best of life), I met a girl, her name is Dominique Watson; she began telling us about her academic career and how she got her master's degree in 9 months and was now finishing off her PhD program.. She went on to briefly describe her academic and personal goals, which include working for the UN, becoming a senator and who knows what else... I said to myself "wow, I'm inspired".. I told her I'd blog about her and she smiled and said "thank you"... maybe she thought I was joking?.. who knows, it's very likely...
So, my class started, my class progressed, my class ended and I was still on the high of inspiration (thanks Dominique)... it was lovely..
After class I went to Publix to do my weekly grocery shopping and as I was getting ready to leave, right in front of me at the check out lane, there was this "skanky looking" girl buying what seemed like food for an army.. it was so much food that even the cashier commented "wow, that's some shopping".. the girl smiled and proceeded to say "yes, I love it, THEY pay for it, that's the only reason I buy so much crap", all this while she whipped her FOOD STAMP CARD! Yes.. that's right..government paid food! She proceeded to explain the cashier that she gets $700/month on food stamps and described to him (proudly too) how she had LIED in the application in order to get the benefits.. She said to him "you should do it, it's so easy" and went on to explain every step of the application and every LIE he should write in order to get money from the government... it was embarrassing...after the cashier charged the food stamp card with over $200 worth of groceries, she had a balance of $10 (I'm assuming it was for stuff she couldn't pay with stamps).. she said very loud "What? $10? no way!" and seemed rather upset about having to actually PAY out of her pocket for the balance!
Now, I know that A LOT of people do this and it irks me just the same.. but seeing it in front of my eyes just bothered me so much.. especially after I had been inspired by a girl, who is literally "busting her ass" to reach her goals, and probably drowning herself in student loan debt to be a better person! ... and the "skank" at the supermarket is proud because she was able to CHEAT the government?? It's really sad! I really despise FREE LOADERS and feel so frustrated for not being able to act on my anger...
I understand some people NEED these benefits and I'm proud to be able to contribute to the less privileged, but this is one of those times when I literally had to bite my tongue to avoid a confrontation... it's just so disgusting... If you're a "free loader", SHAME ON YOU.. and if you're not one and understand my frustration.. I thank you for that!
I really wish we had more people like Dominique Watson, who are striving to be better every day to make our world a better place!
Again.. it's all about perspective and attitude!..and I hope that "skank-food-stamp-user-bitch" gets what she deserves! (Yes! I'm angry)..
..and all this comes after my vent about my busy/crazy days.. thankfully it just inspires me even more! I never want to be THAT person!
thanks for reading!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I understand completely what you are talking about!! We have lived in some very remote northern communities (and still do) and the hand outs that are given to the Inuit and First Nations peoples blows my mind. I worked my butt off and paid my entire way through University and they can go for free, yet rarely do any of them take advantage of that opportunity. Just one of many things about handouts that bothers me.

Los Diaz-Salvioli o Salvioli Diaz? said...

Opino igual que tu. Hay muchas personas que de verdad necesitan ese beneficio pero personas que se aprovechan del sistema y ademas se enorgullecen de la trampa que hacen, son oportunistas y son las que al final danan todo un sistema de beneficios que ayudan a personas que realmente lo necesitan. Tiene que haber una manera de parar a este tipo de personas que a la final son una carga a la sociedad y a las personas honestas que trabajamos y pagamos impuestos! Que rabia!!!!!