Friday, March 4, 2011

March Madness!!!

(not to be confused with College Basketball March Madness!)
I've got my own March Madness... and it isn't pretty! My plate is full and it's about to break!
This month has already proven to be insane!...
It's only March 4th and all of this month's weekends are already full with some kind of plan.. yes, most of them are fun.. but can a girl get a break??...mmmm..maybe not!
I already complained about school work yesterday so I'm not going to do it again..but lord! I'm so exhausted..
On top of that, my allergies are acting up... Spring maybe?? I think so.. what a pain!
Iggy is such a workaholic.. comes home later each night.. so I end up being stuck at home alone!
The girls are so demanding and they just never get exhausted so that makes it all more difficult.....
I'm not looking forward to the time change (coming upon March 13th), because that will only mean that the days will feel longer..
On a good note though, my parents are coming this weekend and we're going back to Disney on the 11th...
I can't wait to go to bed tonight... and every night! ha!
Let the March Madness begin!!!

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