Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend recap...

This weekend was fun and relaxing.. and also WAY TOO SHORT! ahh!!
I went to a baby shower on Saturday (I didn't take any for that).. The baby shower was at BRIO restaurant, which I love.. I went by myself so it was a nice break..ha ha!

Yesterday night we celebrated Minna's 30th birthday... (Minna is the wife of one of Iggy's cousins)...It was a small gathering at her house; we ate cake and sang "Happy Birthday"..she is so sweet and is glowing with her pregnancy (she's 37 weeks).. such a wonderful night! we went to church and also spent some time with my parents, who just got in from Alabama last night.. Gaby is so in love with my dad.. it's so sweet.. It's always so wonderful to spend time with family.. if the weekends could be longer!!! It's back to the grind tomorrow!!

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